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2012 Bernard Wood (Oxford)

Bernard J. Wood is an outstandig scientist whose research specialities are experimental and theoretical petrology, geochemistry as well as mineralogy and the thermodynamic properties of minerals and fluids. He has been a world leader in these fields for many years and has been instrumental in applying modern concepts of physical chemistry and solid-state physics to mineralogy and petrology. A major aspect of Wood´s research lies in deriving the thermodynamic properties of minerals, mineral solid solutions and fluids at high pressure and temperature using both theoretical and experimental approaches. He utilizes such properties to understand the geochemistry, mineralogy and evolution of the Earth's interior. The range of topics on which he has worked includes pioneering work on geobarometry and geothermometry of metamorphic rocks, characterization of the oxygen fugacity in the Earth's mantle, phase relations in the Earth's mantle, nature of seismic discontinuities, electrical properties of mantle minerals, element partitioning and mantle melting, properties of fluids in the mantle, and fluid flow and kinetics of hydrothermal reactions. Furthermore, Bernard Wood has contributed to the debate on the origin and composition of the Earth's core by determining the solubility of carbon, sulfur and silicon in liquid metal at high pressures. A few years ago, Wood and his colleague John Blundy developed theoretical models of element partitioning based on the elasticity of the crystal lattice. These models provide a major step forward in understanding the effects of changing pressure and temperature on the geochemical evolution of magmas as they migrate towards the Earth's surface.

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