Mineral 2000
Gellivare, Sweden, August 7-13, 2000

Mineral 2000 is a mineral fair set at the top of Europe. The fair will be in Gellivare is situated in the midst of the worlds most interesting mineral areas. The Mineral 2000 fair will contain symposiums, exhibitions, excursions, and other events. The fair is divided in two parts, directed at both business people and the greater public.

Gellivare, areawise one of Sweden's largest municipalities is situated 62 miles north of the Arctic circle, in the centre of Lapland. Since 1888, when Gellivare became known for the rest of the world, ore-trains have transported tremendous amounts of richness in different forms of ore. The ore, in turn, has to a large extent built, not only, Gellivare, but also Norrbotten and the whole nation.

August 9 and 10, 2000
Exploration-symposiums with an exhibition: Around the world the research of alternate uses of minerals and stones are heavily invested in. Researchers and experts have been invited to partake at the Mineral 2000 fair to present new methods and areas of use. The upcoming new century is an excellent opportunity to gather world leading researchers, experts, prospectors, collectors, developers of new technologies, and the like under one roof for a few intensive days.
The first day will contain lectures in ore-geology and continue the next day with Swedish laws and regulations on exploration. Lectures will be given by experts in the field like governmental agencies, researchers, exploration companies, and the like.

August 11 - 13, 2000
Public fair, exhibition with symposiums: Gellivare and the surrounding region, through its unique mineral abundance, is one of the world's most interesting areas for prospecting. In recent years, many investors have shown great interest for the region, and funded noticeable amounts into prospecting for new mineral-rich areas. World wide, mineral collectors are interested in the unique minerals, crystals, and underground "orchids" of this region. Our crystals have earned fame by winning prizes at various world exhibitions. Thus, you will at the Mineral 2000 have an excellent opportunity to view, display, and buy some of the worlds' most beautiful minerals and crystals. Simultaneously, symposiums will be given on the basics of mineral searching: laws and regulation, what and where to find minerals, etc. Also, a Work-shop on how to cut and refine found minerals will be arranged.

Before, during, and after the mineral fair:
To make the fair-week more family oriented we have in co-operation with local entertainment groups put together several social events like games, excursions and exhibitions. These events are all different from each other. Imagine spending a day in a small town or visit authentic Laplanders in an authentic environment. Go on a fishing tour to one of our many wild rivers and lakes, etc. In the end, the land above the Arctic Circle will give you an experience of heightened sensation that will leave you breathless.

The natural choice of hosting a mineral fair is the mineral abundant area of Lapland with Gellivare at its centre.

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