General remarks on EMU Schools


On EMU Schools

Mineralogical sciences have been very much differentiated in the last few decades. There are excellent experts, but experts working on

different fields understand each other less and less, which decreases the effectivity of research and risks the unity of mineral sciences.

The lack of a common language is no wonder: the widely accepted general mineralogical knowledge, reflected in the programmes and

textbooks of the gradual courses of the different university curricula has not quite followed the development of mineral sciences.

Many university professors, research scientists and higher grade students feel that more general knowledge on important new applied or

basic science fields, not directly connected to their closest research interest, could help their teaching and/or research activity.

To fill the gap between information provided by university curricula and conferences for specialists EMU decided to set up its Schools,

where experts give review lectures starting on the traditional university level but providing the participants at the end with the skill of

understanding even the latest trends of the given field.

EMU Schools Under Consideration

New Spectroscopic Methods in Mineralogy

Experimental Mineralogy & Petrology


Up-to-date information on forthcoming EMU Schools will be available:

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