European Workshop on Clay Mineralogy

September 18-21, 2000

University of Jena (Germany)

Bruce Velde (ENS Paris, France)

Origin of clay minerals

Clays in soil science

Stephen Hillier (Macaulay Institute, Scotland)

Sediment deposition and transformation

Laurence Warr (Universität Heidelberg, Germany)

Clay mineral transformations in pelites

Reiner Dohrmann (BGR, Germany)

Sample Preparation

Cation Exchange Capacity: New methods for natural samples

Characterisation of clay minerals by different analytical methods

Bruno Lanson (CNRS - University of Grenoble, France)

Identification and structural characterisation of clay minerals using X-ray diffraction

Helge Stanjek (TU München, Germany)

Characterisation of iron oxides by X-ray diffraction and Moessbauer spectroscopy

Reinhard Gaupp (University of Jena, Germany)

Clay minerals in reservoir sandstones

Andreas Bauer & Thorsten Schäfer (FZK-INE Karlsruhe, Germany)

Chemical and colloidal stability of clays in solutions

Melissa Denecke (FZK-INE Karlsruhe, Germany)

Spectroscopic approach to clay minerals

The workshop is intended for research workers and postgraduate students interested in the rapidly expanding interdisciplinary research area of clay mineralogy. The organisation of the workshop will be flexible enough to allow time for broad discussions, with lectures in the morning and informal presentations in the afternoons. There will be scheduled lectures, but also enough opportunity for everyone to outline briefly their field of interest.

Registration fees: students DM 50.- / academia DM 100.- / industrial participants DM 300.-

Information and registration form may be obtained from:

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Gaupp, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Burgweg 11, D-07749 Jena

Tel. ++49 3641 948 620, Fax. ++49 3641 948 622, e-mail

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The Workshop is sponsored by the SEPM (Society of Sedimentary Geology)