International Workshop on

Material Characterization by Solid State Spectroscopy:

Gems and Minerals of Vietnam

Hanoi, April 4-10, 2001

organized by

Institute of Materials Science, Laboratory of Applied Spectroscopy and Gemmoloy
National Centre of Science and Technology Vietnam, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Institute of Gemstone Research, Idar-Oberstein and Centre of Gemstone Research at the
Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz (Germany)

Laboratory of Structure, Properties and Modelization of Solids, UMR 8580 of the CNRS-F
Ecole Centrale Paris (France)

Aim of the meeting

Vietnam is rich in minerals and possesses numerous gemstone mines. The most well-known gems to be found are Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Spinel, ….It is foreseen that research on gemmology and the gemstone industry as well as the exploitation of different mineral resources will be developed largely in the very near future. Material characterisation methods are essential for this step of development.and the present workshop is devoted to this subject.

Topics of the Workshop

Solid State Spectroscopy of Minerals
Geological Aspects of Mineral Chemistry
Mineralogy and Crystal Chemistry of Gem
Recognizing and Characterizing the
Gemstone Potential of Minerals
Forum of International Scientists Collaborating on Vietnamese Gem-Materials

International Organizing Committee


Pr. Dr. Nguyen Quy Dao (ECP-Paris, CNRS France)
Pr. Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister (IGR-Mainz, Germany)
Pr. Dr. Vu Xuan Quang (IMS-Hanoi, Vietnam)


Pr. Michel Jouan, Dr. Jean-Paul Silvestre, Dr. Arun K. Banerjee, Dr. Tobias Häger, Dr. Nguyen Quy Hai

Local Organizing Committee


Pr. Dr. Vu Xuan Quang (IMS-Hanoi)


Pr. Dr. Nguyen Van Den (UN-HoChiMinh-City)
Pr. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long (UN-Hanoi)
Dr. Nguyen The Khoi (ENS-Hanoi)
Dr. Nguyen Quy Hai (IMS-Hanoi)


Tran Chot, Tran Thi Tam, Phan Tien Dung, Luc Huy Hoang

Workshop Secretariat

Dr. Nguyen Thi Quy Hai
Institute for Materials Science, Hanoi
Tel. 0084.4.7563782 Fax: 0084.4.8360705

Dr. Jean-Paul Silvestre
PCM Ecole Centrale, Paris
Tel: 00 33 (0)1 41 13 12 97 Fax: 00 33 (0)1 41 13 15 02

Dr. Tobias Häger
Edelsteinforschung, Universität Mainz
Tel. 0049-6131-392 2256 Fax: 0049-6131-392 3070



The extended papers on the different topics of the workshop will be published as "Proceedings of the International Workshop on Material Characterization by Solid State Spectroscopy: The Minerals of Vietnam" before the opening. Authors of accepted contributions will be requested to provide a complete version of their extended manuscripts (10-30pp.) following the format stated below. Deadline for submitting a short abstract (1 page) will be October, 31. 2000; deadline for the extended manuscripts will be February, 15. 2001. Manuscripts must be sent as one original and two duplicates. The minerals and gem materials of Vietnam are the main topics of the workshop.

Abstract and extended manuscript format:

Manuscripts must be written in English. They should be sent to the Worshop Secretariat in their final camera-ready form as they will be printed directly without any further editing. The camera-ready papers should be printed on A4 paper sheets (21x29,7 cm) with a laser printer (300 dpi or higher resolution). For further details preparing the manuscripts, authors may consult the format adopted by the journal "Physics and Chemistry of Minerals", which we have chosen to follow strictly.

The first page of the manuscripts must start with the following heading line (12 point Times New Roman italics):

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Material Characterization by Solid State Spectroscopy: The Minerals of Vietnam; Hanoi, April 4-10, 2001.

There must be a free space of four empty lines between the heading line and the title of the manuscript.

Provisional list of participants and topics

Lukas P. Baumgartner (Metamorphic Mineralogy, Chemistry of Minerals), Arun K. Banerjee (Pearl, Jade, Opal etc.), Peter Blaum (Mößbauer-spectroscopy), Bettina Becker (Topaz-mineralogy), Roy Goldberg (Spinel,Spectroscopy), Tobias Häger (Ruby and Sapphire, Colour, Spectroscopy), Christoph A. Hauzenberger (Metamorphic Mineralogy), Wolfgang Hofmeister (Crystal-chemistry, Crystallography, Chemistry of Minerals), Nguyen Quy Dao (Ruby, Topaz), Jean-Paul Silvestre (X-ray and Neutron Diffraction), Vu Xuan Quang (Spinel), Nguyen The Khoi (Spinel), Tran Chot (Quartz, Zircon), Nguyen Quy Hai (Ruby, Sapphire), Nguyen Ngoc Long (Spinel),Tran Thi Tam (Emerald, Jade), Philippe Colomban and Nguyen Quang Liem (Porcelane, Celadon), Michel Daudon and Nguyen Thanh Nhan (Bio-minerals), Ta Hoa Mai (Topaz), Phan Tien Dung (Ruby, Sapphire), Vu Phi Tuyen (Spinel, Topaz), Luc Huy Hoang (Spinel),...….

Registration fees : 200 US$

Visit and touring

During the workshop, a visit to the LucYen ruby mine in the province of Yen Bai will be organised and after the workshop, a tour to the HaLong bay with a visit of a pearl oyster firm is planned. Prices will be communicated in the next circular. Pre- and post-conference tours are also available on demand.