Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)
Distinguished Lecturer Program for 2002-2003

The Mineralogical Society of America is pleased to announce that its Distinguished Lecturers for 2002-2003 are:

University of Bern, Switzerland
who will offer lectures on
Natural zeolites: From structure to applications


From construction kits and building blocks to complex mineral structures:
How mineralogists learn what children knew for centuries

University of Idaho
who will offer lectures on
Health effects of inhaled dust: Idaho farmers, Libby miners, and New York firefighters


The future of polarized light microscopy: Dim, bright, or extinct?

Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington
& Clarence Robinson Professor of Earth Science, George Mason University
who will offer lectures on
Life's Rocky Start: Possible roles of minerals in the origin of life


Emergence: Minerals and the rise of complexity on the Archaean Earth

Instructions to request an MSA Distinguished Lecturer: The Lecture Program is designed to run from late September 2002 through April 2003. Lecturers and their topics are listed above. Lecturer requests received before May 13, 2002, will be given priority. In making your request please include (1) airport proximity from, and travel time to, your institution, (2) the name of a contact person at your institution for the months of May and June (when Lecturer schedules will be assembled), (3) contact e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and (4) flexibility on Lecturer preference. (5) schools outside the U.S. should indicate the end date for spring-term 2003 classes. Please note that because of travel and schedule constraints it is normally not possible to satisfy requests for tightly constrained dates such as seminar days. European colleagues are encouraged to submit requests as one or more European tours will be included. If your institution is interested in requesting the visit of a MSA Distinguished Lecturer for 2002-2003, please contact the Lecture Program Administrator:

Dr. Helen M. Lang
Fax: 001-304-293-6522
e-mail: hlang@wvu.edu