Mine Water Interdiscipline Network of Europe (M-WINE)
2nd M-WINE Meeting
Lisbon, June 30 to July 2, 2003

From Monday, 30th of June to Wednesday, 2nd of July 2003 about 60 scientists from different fields of disciplines (biology, microbiology, geology, geochemistry, chemistry, water chemistry, a.o.) met in Lisbon during the 2nd workshop of the "Mine Water Interdiscipline Network of Europe (M-WINE)". This network was established in June 2002 during a first workshop in Lausanne by an initiative of Dr. Bernhard Dold from the University of Lausanne.

This year, 21 oral presentations were given in the first two days within four thematic sessions: Tailings, Microbiology, Waste Rock, Pit Lakes. Each session was introduced by a key note lecture of about 45 minutes giving the state of the art and newest findings. At the end of each session a group discussion of about 1.5 hours followed.

The workshop was hosted and organized by the Instituto Geologico e Mineiro of Portu­gal, namely by Dr. Luis Martins and Dr. Daniel de Oliveira. The IGM organized on the third day a field trip to the very impressive mining site of Sao Domingos where massive poly­metallic sulphide ores (Cu-Pb-Zn) of the volcano-sedimentary type were mined between 1857 and 1967. This site will be now one official research site of M-WINE where each member of M-WINE can conduct investigations.

During the meeting and in the final discussion the future of M-WINE was appointed:

In the next months the IGM in Lisbon will establish an Internet presentation of M-WINE where new members can register by filling out a questionnaire. This questionnaire is still available by the author of this report and the organizers of the workshop

(luis.martins@igm.pt; daniel.oliveira@igm.pt).

The next M-WINE workshop will be held in Florence just in front of the 32nd Inter­national Geological Congress in August 2004. The workshop will be organized by L. Fanfani and will focus on the development of M-WINE network structures. Scientific contributions should be given in the two sessions G-03.04 "Biogeochemical studies of the environmental impacts of mining on ground- and surface waters" and G-03.05 "Water rock interaction: acid mine drainage" within the IGC (www.32igc.org).

Kurt Friese, Magdeburg