Von der International Mineralogical Association (IMA)
Secretary's report on IMA

The Council meeting in Nice
The IMA Council met in Nice on Saturday 5th April 2003, before the first EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly (6-11th April). The Council meeting was held in the University of Nice whose buildings are within the Parc Valrose, close to the old town. The room was provided thanked to Professor Raoul Caruba from the University of Nice. Over nearly five hours councilors reviewed the different activities of IMA, notably those related to the IMA Commissions and Working Groups, since the last General Meeting held in Edinburgh in September 2002. The minutes of the three Council meetings were approved. Most of the activity of IMA was directed at the involvement of IMA within International meetings (Nice 2003, 32nd IGC, Florence, 2004, Moscow, USA, 2005). On the other hand, IMA works at developing communication between mineralogists around the world. IMA has a new Website, at the following address: www.obs.univ-bpclermont.fr/ima. The website is planned to become the meeting point for current exchanges between Mineralogists, and Mineralogical Societies and Groups, as well as to provide the last news and results from the IMA commission and working groups.

The next Business meeting in Florence, 2004
The Council considers that the involvement of IMA within the 32nd IGC meeting in Florence is good for the unity of Earth Sciences. Nearly all the IMA commissions and working groups will participate in the organization of symposia and/or sessions. IMA is organizing a symposium on mineralogy (G15) comprising 12 sessions, and is sponsoring a session on the Earth Interior and 4 sessions in Mineral deposits. Besides this, IMA is co-sponsoring 13 sessions distributed among 9 symposia. Detailed information can be obtained at http://www.32igc.org.

An ordinary business meeting will be held during the 32nd IGC in Florence. The chairmen and secretaries of new Working Groups proposed since the Edinburgh General Meeting will be elected by Delegates during the Second Business Meeting. The procedure for the election of officers of working group is described in the Constitution, articles 13b. Proposals of candidates should be submitted before April 2004. The achievements and performance of IMA commissions and working groups will be reviewed following the recommendation provided during the Edinburgh General Meeting. Before that, annual reports of commission and working groups are expected to reach the Secretary of IMA before the end of November 2003. During the business meeting in Florence, the venue of the 20th IMA General Meeting will be decided by vote. Two locations have been proposed, Budapest or Paris.

Other Meetings
Other Meetings in which IMA is involved are reported on the IMA Website. The International Council for Applied Mineralogy (ICAM) is organizing jointly with the IMA commission on Applied Mineralogy (IMA-CAM) the 8th International Congress on Applied Mineralogy, ICAM 2004 (19-22 September). ICAM 2004 will occur in the city of Aguas de Lindoia, located 170 km from Sao Paulo. Further information can be found on the following website address: www.appliedmineralogy.org. In the future, the involvement of IMA in international meetings favoring communication between mineralogists and geochemists will be encouraged.

The competition for the IMA logo
The logos of Mineralogical Societies affiliated to IMA are reported on the home page of the IMA Website. When no Mineralogical society exists, the logo from the Geological Society hosting the mineralogy group is reported. The logos of mineralogical societies or groups may help you when designing a logo for IMA. Remember that the competition to create a logo for IMA is open to all members of any mineralogical society or group that subscribes to IMA. Full information on the competition is available at the IMA website: www.obs.univ-bpclermont.fr/ima.


The International Mineralogical Association is the only truly international organization promoting mineralogy. It is supported by subscriptions from 38 mineralogical societies and groups worldwide.

The Council of IMA invites any member of one of the subscribing organizations to design a logo to be used in the Association’s official and promotional material”. The winning design will be selected by the Council of IMA at the IUGS meeting in Florence in August 2004.

Designs, in both coloured and black-and-white versions, should be submitted electronically to the Secretary of IMA, Dr Maryse Ohnenstetter:


not later than 31st March, 2004.

For information about IMA, details of the rules of the competition, and technical details to which the designs must conform, visit the IMA website at:


Information can also be obtained from your IMA National Representative or from the Secretary of your national mineralogical organization.

Maryse Ohnenstetter, Nancy
IMA Secretary