86th Annual Meeting of the German Mineralogical Society - DMG

  14th - 17th September 2008 in Berlin


Abstracts by Symposia


  Plenary Talks
S01 Developments in geoscience education and public outreach
S02 Formation and evolution of the solar system and its planets
S03 Impact - craters everywhere!
S04 Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Earth´s deep interior
S05 Crust-mantle element cycling
S06 Volatiles and the origin of basaltic and granitic magmas
S07 Making and breaking of continents – integrating metamorphic petrology, geochronology and rheology
S08 The Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
S09 Nanoscale processes at geomaterials interfaces
S10 New Insights from New Analytical Methods
S11 Klockmann Symposium: Origin, Anatomy, and Inventory of Mineral Deposits
S12 Microbe-rock interactions
S13 New Geochemical Tracers for Surface and Atmospheric Processes
S14 Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry
S15 CO2 storage in geological formations
S16 Applied Mineralogy & Crystallography
S17 Archeometry and monument conservation
S18 Open Symposium

Stand: 14.09.2008 - 17.09.2008